Meet our Team

The Crew behind the Iron Paw

Mikki Douglass, Easton, WA USA

The founder of Iron Paw Factory and Sled Dog Virtual Race, Mikki is a career USFS employee and outdoor enthusiast. Hobbies include mountain biking, off-road motorcycling, xc skiing, and snowmobiling. She runs a small kennel in the east slopes of the Central Cascade range, and is blessed to be able to run right from her home in the mountains thanks to great neighbors! She races in Dryland and on snow, with Bikejoring and 6-Dog Sled her two favorite disciplines.

Pamela Beaverson, Bend, OR USA

Pamela has been with Iron Paws for 12 of the 13 years! She designed the computer program that keeps track of everyone and tallies all your points. She is a 4-season outdoor enthusiast and a very talented artist! Pamela is always the first to jump in and help our Northwest Sled Dog clubs, sharing her talent to help make web and gear design GREAT!

Karen Hoban, Cle Elum, WA USA

Karen is the Iron Paw Factory’s Administrator and Accountant. Karen has an embroidery business and creates all the patches for Iron Paws and other Clubs and Associations. She enjoys knitting, sewing and crafting. Her husband, Mike, also helps out by ordering products, including our great award medals.

Tamara Alicia, Alberta, Canada

Tamara has been racing since she could stand on the sled and has been involved in all aspects of the sport and dog training for close to 40 years. With her experience she has created a top level team, helped build a community of harness dog folks in Alberta and mentors across the country. Tamara also was instrumental in developing the US-Canada North America Circuit, a west of the Rockies Iron Paws Race Series. We are honored to have Tamara on our Iron Paws Team!

Tonya Dobrzanski, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Dr. Tanya M. Dobrzanski is a Doctor of Chiropractic from Calgary, Alberta Canada. Her practice is a mix of both human and animal patients. She has worked with many high performance and professional human athletes over the course of her career, as well as many talented working and performance animals. Tanya shares her busy life with her family of performance and athlete dogs, Dizzy Devil, Frakker, Jarvis and Shuri and her famous cat, Wino, who was a featured character in season 1 of the Chucky TV series. Tonya makes sure all our Canadian competitors receive their medals!

Dawna Eddinger, Pennsylvania, USA

Another outdoor enthusiast (of course). Dawna is a serious gardener and studies wild flowers and herbs. She makes her own botanical lotions, wine and teas. Dawna’s first dog sport was agility. Mushing was a natural way to give her dogs the exercise they needed to be in top shape for agility. It did not take long for them to transition to mushing as their primary sport and favorite family activity! Dawna’s first Iron Paws was 2021. It has become the highlight of her year and given her a new love for winter!

Diana Smith Roeber, Naches, WA USA

Diana’s love of dog-powered sports and Northern Breeds began when her son rescued a Siberian Husky/Malamute puppy named Luna almost 5 years ago. Retirement gave her the time to research, train, and discover activities Luna loved beyond just walks, including nose work, scooters and sledding. Quickly realizing 2 dogs were better than one, Fair Fergus joined their pack and they ran their 1st Iron Paws last year with a very patient mentor living not too far from them. In addition to loving the time spent with the pups, Diana enjoys playing bluegrass and folk music with friends and watercolor painting.

Brianna Lang, Michigan, USA

Brianna has been involved in dogs and dog sports her entire life. She stumbled across Canicross when she purchased her Peruvian Hairless, Ziggy in late 2020 and needed something to help bring him out of his shell. Canicross really helped him find his confidence and give them something to really bond over. That year is when they first found Iron Paws and it quickly became their favorite race ever. Her team consists of her ODR Fathead Fred and recently added American Akita mix, Sinchi, and Beauceron , Seven, to their team! When she isn’t revolving her life around dogs, she can be found in the woods, racing enduro cross on her dirt bike, snowmobiling, or practicing for endurance rides on her horse! She is super excited to be on the IP Stage Leader squad!

Marcy Matis, Upstate New York, USA

Marcy Matis. along with yellow labs Tate and Ryker, make up Team Happy Hooligans. Tate and Ryker are brothers from the same litter and will turn 6 in March. This is their 5th Iron Paws and they are excited to earn their golden harnesses this year. They are competing in the CaniHike class and on the Sporting dog team.  Tate are Ryker are bonafide farm dogs and take their responsibilities of licking cow faces, cleaning up spilled grain or milk, and chasing ALL the birds very seriously.  They also enjoy completing weekly frolics with our friends, dock diving and swimming, rally obedience, scent training, and running off leash in the many acres of farm fields here in Upstate NY.

Jennifer Carter, Virginia, USA

Jennifer is a Ph.D Candidate, Certified Canine Nutritionist and author. Her background is in biological science with a focus on animal science and Science andTechnology Studies. Her current research interests are in the study of the canine microbiome and its relation to the immune system, the history of the dog food industry, nutritionism,  the making of modern pet foods and the industry’s social influence on the culture of feeding dogs. She works part time as VP of Operations and as a certified canine nutritionist for a dog food company and spends the remainder of her time public speaking, teaching nutrition and training her dog. She currently competes with her dogs in the obedience, scent work, does canine obstacle course races and the sport of Canicross. She is also currently writing a book on the role of nutrition in the rehabilitation of dogs. 

Eric Matthews, California, USA

Eric runs with “Pepper and Poppy Pack Pawing and Pounding Pathways” (Pinschers, German Pinschers named Cayenne (age 6) and Poppy (3.5), about 35 pounds each). The dogs are German, but Eric is, coincidentally, of Iñupiaq descent, not that his heritage had much to do with my initial interest in mushing. Harnessing his late Miniature Pinscher up to a scooter was just how he used to knock off enough of her excess energy so she could earn obedience certificates.

Kelsey Mitchel, California, USA

Iron Paws Stage Race started it all for Kelsey in the dog-powered world: she adopted her husky and found Iron Paws within just weeks of each other. Now Kelsey and her husky Kuumba run canicross all around the SF Bay Area. And have competed in races along the west coast.  At home, Kelsey fosters huskies and trains up the enthusiastic ones for recreational canicross and scooter. Both her and her husky are beach lovers, so they are often out on sandy and salty adventures. 

Terri Little, California, USA

Terri, Karhu, Vixen & Vicious are delighted to Cheer with you! It’s the 4th IP Canicross for 2/3 of them! Lil ‘Vixen’s doing her first. Vicious is my trail name from working on wilderness trails in the way back days.  As a 2nd year IP Master, Terri still able to run – good thing too, because she love running! They live in the redwoods at the geographical ankle of the Pacific Northwest: Eureka, California.