Join our Alberta, Bitterroot and Inland Empire Sled Dog Association as we partner to create the first ever Western Dryland Series, the US-CAN-NAC! You earn points every day you race, and we score your top 6 finishes in the 5 race circuit (again, we award points per day, and each event runs 2 days).

Any driver racing 2 or more of the 5 races will be ranked at the end of the Circuit (the last round, Round 5, is the Dirt Rondy in Spokane, WA).

You will automatically be entered into the US-CAN-NAC if you race in Round 1 (Canada-Whiskey Run / USA-Seeley Showdown), Round 2 (Iron Paws) and/or the Run-A-Way. If you race at least at least 4 heats (each day of racing will earn points / a “heat” is considered one day of racing), your efforts will be recorded in the final rankings.

Make sure you record your DIVISIONAL information at the first race you participate in (you will only have to do this once / form will be at check in). We will recognize General Category Champions (“G.C.” = overall total points in each class), and DIVISIONAL CHAMPIONS (overall total points in your age and gender category).

Awards will be e-Certificates and will be mailed out 1-2 weeks after the Dirt Rondy. Champions can order US-CAN-NAC CHAMPION patches for a nominal fee. Participant patches may also be ordered.

For complete rules, please click here.

Thank you Iron Paws, LLC, Bitterroot Dog Power Sports, LLC, Inland Empire Sled Dog Association, Whiskey Run and Run-A-Way crews! We are hoping to make our Border Friendship an Annual Series.

You can follow your Series Points on our Facebook Page.